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Olivia Flegg

DOMP, RMT, Laser Therapist

Olivia Flegg is a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner, a Registered Massage Therapist, and a Bioflex Laser Therapist who offers a holistic and integrative approach to health and wellness. She graduated with honors from Sir Sandford Fleming College in 2015 with a diploma in Registered Massage Therapy, after completing a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion from St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario. Since then, she has continued to expand her knowledge and skills by taking courses in cupping, orthopedic assessment, fascial stretch therapy, ultrasound, and Bioflex Laser Therapy. She is also a graduate of the Southern Ontario College of Osteopaths in Mississauga, where she obtained her certification as a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner in 2023.

Olivia has a keen interest in the human body and how it functions, especially in the areas of biomechanics, system interrelation, and therapeutic exercise. She works with clients of all ages and abilities, helping them achieve their health goals and prevent injuries. She also enjoys working with athletes and sports enthusiasts, providing them with specific and effective treatments.

When she is not working, Olivia loves to travel, explore the outdoors, and stay fit with her boyfriend. Olivia is available for appointments every day, with flexible hours to suit your schedule. Book a session with Olivia and experience the benefits of her unique blend of therapies.

Olivia Flegg
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