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Brianna Petersen

Reflexologist, Energy Healer

Hello! I’m Brianna, a certified Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner, and Human Design Expert with a rich background in financial advising and customer service management at TD Bank. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Criminology from Carleton University, Ottawa, which complements my holistic practices beautifully.

In the realm of Human Design, I identify as a 5/2 Self Projected Projector, which deeply influences my intuitive approach to energy work. I am perpetually enhancing my natural ability to sense and manipulate energies to better serve those seeking wellness and balance.

I offer a variety of services tailored to promote healing and well-being:

  • Reflexology, using ancient techniques to stimulate points on the feet to promote health and relaxation.

  • Energy Healing, where I channel energy to restore balance within the body.

  • Personalized Human Design readings that provide insights into one's life purpose.

  • MagHealy treatments, using a bioenergetic frequency device to address physical and energetic ailments, enhancing healing and vitality.

On a personal note, I’m a wife and a mom to my daughter Isla, our French Bulldog Swayze, and three Guinea Pigs: Smalls, Mocha, and Latte. I cherish living in my hometown of Cobourg, ON, where I enjoy community life and raising my family.

For fun, I love a good game of foosball, have unique habits like licking chips before eating them, and maintain a vigilant check for bed bugs when traveling. I’m not a fan of cilantro—it makes me gag! I’ve had my share of adventures, including epic crowd surfing experiences, and I incorporate oracle cards into my daily routine to guide my day.

I live by the philosophy that everything happens for a reason. Through my holistic practices, I aim to help others find healing and meaning in their lives. Stay connected as I continue to explore new dimensions of energy work and enhance my abilities.

Feel free to reach out and discover how holistic healing can make a transformative impact on your life!

Brianna Petersen
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