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Amanda Alexander

RPN, Foot Care Nurse

Amanda Alexander's journey in nursing began at Humber College in 2000, and over the past 23 years, she has accumulated a wealth of experience. Before delving into the specialized field of Foot Care, Amanda served as a community nurse for the Victorian Order of Nurses. However, it was during the first Covid lockdown, while working as a woundcare nurse in Northumberland, that Amanda observed a concerning trend—rising foot ulcers, particularly among diabetic patients.

Recognizing the crucial need for specialized foot care, Amanda embarked on a mission to address this gap in services. She transitioned to become a Foot Care Nurse, differentiating her practice from a spa pedicure by focusing on identifying and correcting issues such as corns, callouses, ingrown toenails, warts, and fungus. If structural concerns arise, Amanda seamlessly refers clients to her colleague, Beth. Her ultimate goal is to ensure clients enjoy happy and healthy feet, free from pain or discomfort.

At Body & Sole, Amanda upholds the highest standards of hygiene. All tools undergo a meticulous sterilization process, including ultrasonic cleaning and autoclaving, incorporating pressure, high heat, and steam for optimal sterilization.

Beyond her professional dedication, Amanda finds joy in the companionship of her horse, Chilli, and her Alaskan Malamute, Ursa. She is also a passionate advocate for art and music, having contributed her skills to the Haliburton Highlanders Pipes and Drums and the Hastings and Prince Edward Regimental Pipeband.

For those seeking Amanda's expert care, she is available at Body & Sole every Wednesday. Step into a journey of specialized foot care with Amanda's expertise and experience.

Amanda Alexander
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